Pros and Cons of Dutch Hip Roof Style

Dutch hip roofRoofing, a seriously important part of your house for which you will not at all like to take chances. You will definitely research the types their good points along with their drawbacks and then compare all and come to the conclusion. Roof decides the overall look out of your home exterior. In these options you also got one more option that’s of Dutch hip roof which is also known as gablet. This gablet is the triangular portion at the top of the roof. This design is not very much common in these times but that’s the reason you might like to opt for it. It is something very unique and new. Here are some of the pros and cons of it.


  • Shape

It might amaze you that the Dutch hip roof has four sides and all that sided sides and thus it is very useful for removal of snow and rain water. Dutch hip roofs are notable for its practicality and solid designing. These roofs are most probably used on ranch homes and cottages. It is very resistant to areas pertaining high winds, hurricanes and tornadoes. These roofing are tend to withstand these types of situations and damages.

  • Shading

Dutch hip roofs are designed in such a manner that it includes eaves on all sides.  It is very important as it protects walls from harsh weather and also rain and snow. These eaves are also helpful as it provides shading over window which helps keeping home cooler in summer. As this shading reduces heat, it decreases the need of air conditioning. This type of roofing helps saving other energy costs also. Thus Dutch hip roofing style helps saving cost, reduces heat and provides good ventilation and air circulation.


  • Size

Along with benefits Dutch hip roof also pertain some drawbacks. One of them is its size. This styling eradicates the attic space in your home. Usually we think of using the attic space for storage or even we use it as extra bedroom for our home.  For this purpose, a gabled roof is more preferable. The sloped sides results in giving less head space for walking around. It usually gives a more cave like feeling. Dutch hip roof style also makes roof and ceiling cleaning and maintaining a little more difficult and cramped. Thus it reduces the size of the your attic space giving you little bit uncomfortness.

  • Potential problems

We have seen above that Dutch hip roof are shaped in a way to drain out rain water and snow, that means the water will flow off but still it is very much susceptible to leaks. It is more prone to leaks as compared to gambled roofs. Standard hip roofs are not as good ventilated a gabled roofs but the addition of the dormer to the Dutch styling generally compensate this problem. Its size is comparatively more than gable or flat roofs which simply mean that the cost of construction and repairs and all will also be much more.