How to create Roof Garden

roof gardenFor those homeowners who don’t get the privilege of enjoying the garden view or the thing to nourish gardening have the option to build up their own garden in their roof. Yes, now you can enjoy the view of garden and sitting in the garden and enjoy the morning tea with your loved ones and the family. With the help of the roofing contractors, the homeowners can built their own roof garden in their apartment. Installing a garden roof in your roof is not an easy thing to construct. And homeowners need to hire a perfect and experience roofing contractor for installing garden roof in their roof. Installing the roof with garden is filling the unused space in the roof. Garden roof provides with beautiful and attractive look to your roof which fascinates the homeowners to install it. The steps will help you to determine the exact image of how to install the roof garden in your roof.

Create Roof Garden:

  • It is advisable to know that is the roof appropriate to construct the garden on the roof. Or is you allowed to install the garden in the roof with the permission of the members of the apartment. If you have your private space to construct the garden than it is better. Another thing is the roof is capable of facing the weight of the materials to be installed in the roof. The pitch of the roof should be flat and well surfaced to give a perfect idea about installing the garden in the roof.
  • The roof must be flat roof and not metal or the solar roof because gardens can be only installed on the surfaced roof which have a flat surface and gives the way to perform the construction in a better way.
  • In the apartment you should keep in mind the architecture of the apartment where the roof garden is installed, the entrance of the roof garden should be directly from the exteriors of the house which can be easily accessed and homeowners can go directly to the roof whenever they want to enjoy the mood of sitting in the roof garden.
  • Next step is to determine the design, structure of roof garden design and the layout. There are different patterns and designs available for the homeowners to select the layout of the garden. They can select the round designs or the rectangular path designs keeping in mind which design will suit the home structure more.
  • Selecting appropriate plants for the roof garden is very important because selecting perfect plants according to the temperature of their region will be more suitable and will grow beautifully in the roof garden which is designed.
  • Appropriate furniture of the plants must be used which are more suitable for their roof gardens. Not so heavy furniture should be used for the plants because it can increase the weight on the roof and it proves damaging the roof which is constructed.
  •   Verandas should be installed for protecting the plants from the windbreaks because if due to storm or extreme winds the plants gets damaged than it can create more cost expense to the homeowners installing roof garden in their roof.