5 Beautiful Curtain Patterns

Curtain PatternsSince there are windows in almost every room in the house the curtains get a high priority. They add a different style to the room and also define the decoration of the house. There are many beautiful curtain patterns in the market nowadays. Some of the best patterns are given below:

• Floor length curtains- they are fabric curtains which generally touches the floor or the excess material drapes on it. They are normally used in big room and they bring out the decadence and luxury of that room. In order to hang this type of curtain you would not need long windows. The curtain itself makes the window look longer than usual.
• Bright colors- this type of curtain is best for rooms which have minimalistic interiors. This is a recent trend in the curtain patterns which involves neutral colors but there are times when you can use bright colors as well. The neutral colors themselves are bright enough and therefore needs no other brighter colors. Suppose if the color of the wall is white then red or light pink will be the perfect for the room.
• Net curtains- although they are a traditional pattern but it is really beautiful when one sees it. They are mainly plain and white in color and the material is like a net. It allows you to see the outside but the people from outside would not be able to see what is inside.
• Kids curtains- they are found in several colors and with different designs. To ensure that the kids have fun with these curtains it has graphics of animals and cartoons imprinted on them.
• Storage curtains- they are basically used as cupboard doors. Some cupboards have no doors and storage curtains are used as replacements. Matching with the color of the cupboard or using contrasting colors can look beautiful.

Painting Ideas

Painting IdeasToday people want to make big renovation changes within their budget. It has to be done without affecting the savings that one has done for the later ages of their lives. But this is not very difficult to do. The very first renovation tip that can be taken care of is the paint. The changes that can be brought about in a room by merely changing the paint are really amazing. Paint can make the room look bigger in size, much brighter and attractive. This can easily be done in a cost effective manner by saving on the labor charges if you decide to pick up the paint brush yourself.

One of the best ways is to invest in oil painting. It is of the quality that never fades and once applied its value goes on increasing with time. Though it costs slightly more than the regular paint but it guarantees long lasting shine that will not fade easily with time. It is very vibrant and attractive and it will not fail to grab the attention of your guests. It is favorable for most wooden furniture, for some interior surfaces because it can flow equally on a large area and can keep them long lasting and mold free. Other than these latex paints are very much in use now days.

Water based paints are also available in huge varieties. They dry quickly as compared to other painting materials. You can make your room brighter by using colors like pink, green, off-white that can reflect the lights and makes your room more airy and spacious. They are very soothing and gives your house a sophisticated look. You should create a balanced atmosphere and not overdo the paint. They should be in harmony with the furniture that you have.

Dining Table: Selecting The Right One

Dining TableDining room would remain incomplete if there is no dining table in it. Today dining tables are available in different kinds of sizes and shapes. Selecting the right kind of dining table is extremely essential; otherwise the dining room will not be useful to you and your activities at all. While choosing the table you have to keep in mind the following: price, functionality, size and style.

Firstly the dining table you buy must compliment the overall decor of your dining room. If there is a mismatch between the decor of the dining room and the table then the room will not look good at all. The size of your dining room has to be kept in mind while you are purchasing the dining table. A large dining table in a small dining room will occupy lots of space and overshadow the entire room. Whereas a small dining table will look quiet weird in a big dining room.

It is your responsibility to exercise your own judgement and select a dining table you like. You must give priority to your personal choice while purchasing the dining table. Shop dining tables from local furniture stores or the online furniture stores as both of these offer a variety of dining tables.

Nowadays different shapes of dining tables are available. If you have used a particular theme in your dining room then you can surely get a dining table to match the theme. You must ensure that you select a dining table that is made out of durable and strong material so that it can last for a long period of time.

Most of the dining tables are very expensive. Thus it is advised that you carry out a proper research before purchasing a particular table for your dining room so that you are able to buy the table at affordable prices.

Ideas to enhance the appeal of your home garden

home gardenDo you have a home garden that beautifully accentuates the charm, appeal and elegance of your home? Well, home gardens are truly wonderful and they are like a breath of fresh air. You obviously want your home garden to be the best in the neighborhood and for this you can opt for some amazing landscaping ideas. Here are a few landscaping ideas that will add to the beauty of your home garden.

The compound wall of your home obviously defines the boundary of your garden and you can paint the walls to add an element of excitement to your home garden. You can use natural themes like waterfall, flowers and sunset to create that perfect effect.

Secondly, if budget is not a constraint for you then you can use life size stone sculptures to adorn your home garden. The sculptures will define a scale to the home garden and will also add a human touch to it.
You can also install a fountain in your home garden complete with mood lighting. This will make your garden look absolutely amazing at night and will also add a hint of curiosity.

If you want to add lanterns to your home gardens then instead of the commonplace ones you should opt for the Japanese stone ones. The plants in the garden have a smooth texture and look and the rough texture of stone against this smooth texture will create a unique appeal. Also you can use lamps inside the lanterns to create hot spots in your home garden.

If you want to do something extravagant then you can design a pond that will flow partially into the home building. This is an absolutely wonderful way to connect the exterior and the interior of your home landscape. You can also have ducks in the pond and rabbits in the garden.

Choosing the right bed for your comfort

beds, bedroomBefore you go online looking for beds or before you walk into a store looking for that perfect bed for yourself, ask yourself this: what are you looking for. There are so many options available that you might get confused and get the wrong kind of bed for your home. Considering the space, which you have, the décor of the room, which you live in, and the color combination of the room and of course, your personal sense and choice of style, have an idea in your mind.

You can go for Victorian style beds with lavish and heavy décor and elaborate bed stands if you have a big room. If you are in a room, which is smaller, then wrought iron beds are the best. They come in various styles and they save space as well. You can decorate the rest of the bed and room in a bohemian style. Wooden beds in a modern style can also jazz up a room. Simple mattresses with white bedding in a clutter free room would go well with this kind.

DIY tips for home renovation

Do It Yourself home renovation projects are the most popular projects present in the world. These renovation projects are easy to be done and save quite a lot of money for the owner. Before starting up the project you should keep certain things in mind. Here are certain tips that would help you in completing your DIY home renovation plan.

• Being dedicated is a point of concern. Completion of project requires dedication and commitment. These projects often fail because of the owner leaving it in the middle path.
• Collect all the required tools and equipments early will help in early completion of the projects.
• Budget allocation is a must for any project. Assigning a budget before hand will let you decide well in advance.
• Protecting yourself is another factor. Before you get into project of renovating your home make sure you have all the protective gear so that you are protected from dangers.
So before starting a project you must make sure that you have covered all the above tips.

How to Decorate Your Mantel for Christmas

Christmas Decor, home decorChristmas time is here again and people have yet again become busy shopping for gifts and decorations. Christmas is a time when we clean out the house; decorate the home and welcome guests, friends and families to spend a lovely time together. The mantel is an important part of the house and you can decorate it in your own way to make it look eye catching and Christmassy.

As per tradition, you can hang some stockings for the mantel. Decorate the place with silver and green and red ribbons. Hang mistletoes from the top for a more warm and Christmassy feel. You can put up snow globes on top or have mini Christmas trees and decorative balls to decorate the space. You can also place red and green candles for a festive décor. Decorate the side and lining of the mantel with fairy lights to complete the look.

Wall tiles vs wall paper: which is a better pick?

Wall Tiles, wall decorConsidering that your house is of moderate size you would definitely want to make it look good. The best way to do it is by using wall papers. But there are people who feel that wall paper is just a waste of money. Rather wall tiles are the best option. Well each one has their own reasons but as a matter of fact both look good when they are used cleverly.

If you are inclined to using a wall paper then there are certain advantages for that. Wall papers are available in various designs and colors unlike wall tiles. But if you need to clean them then wall tiles are the best. Wall papers can soak water and may refuse to dry soon. In wall tiles you will only need a few minutes to clean and dry them. Wall tiles also protect the wall from dust, dirt and grime. With so many advantages it is better if you choose wall tiles over wall papers.

How to optimize your cost of building a garden shed

Build a garden shed, garden decorIf you want to add a touch of uniqueness to your house more appropriately to your garden, then the best thing you can consider is to build a garden shed. Spending some quality time in the garden amongst the nature is really a good experience. But it may not be possible always mainly if there is too much sun or rain to sit outside. In such cases the garden shed proves to be immensely helpful. Well construction of a shed is not a very difficult thing but if you want to build it in a fixed budget, then you should keep in mind few things to optimize the cost.

You can go for a permanent shed designed intricately and made of stones rather than concrete. It will cost you quite a large amount of bucks. But if go for some temporary shed designed in the normal way, then you can save a lot bucks. There are many designs available for the shed. Do a proper research of the market before you resort to some particular designs. This will definitely optimize your cost.

Wood blinds vs faux wood blinds

Wood blinds, blindsOne of the most popular materials that are used for coverings of windows are the wood blinds. These blinds have an appeal of their own which cannot be provided by any other material. If there are other furnishings of wood in the room, they can be complimented very nicely by the wood blinds.

They can make the room very elegant. However, if you are not in a position to afford a genuine wood blind, you should go for the faux wood blinds. They are the best alternative to the genuine wood blinds. You will be able to get that elegant feel without strain8ing your pocket. There is not a quotation of comparison between the two materials. Wood is real and faux wood as the name suggest is not. However, although wood blinds are expensive, having them install will definitely increase the home’s resale value. Therefore, the choice of the material is entirely yours.