5 Tips To Clean Your Bathroom

Bathroom cleaningWhich part of your home is such which you like to clean the least? I bet you will say bathroom. Bathroom is such a place which is used the most has so many things in it to clean like faucets, bath tub, shower, door and many such parts. Cleaning your bathroom might feel like boredom and stressful, but it is very very essential to clean your bathroom and keep it hygienic. You must remove any build up on the floor while cleaning your bathroom as it will make your floor slippery and dirty and you might not like to even take a bath over there. Here are some of the essential tips to clean your bathroom.

  • Remove all the items from their usual spot

If you want to clean your bathroom most efficiently then remove each and every item from their usual place then start with the task of cleaning your bathroom. Take out all the towels, shower cap, soap case, body wash, and every single thing which you see in your bathroom. By doing this you will be able to clean your bathroom in a better way. If you find any trash cans then throw it off and if there any used rugs then put it into wash.

  • Dust and sweep

When you make your bathroom empty the next step is dusting it. For cleaning your bathroom, you must take out every single dust you find in your bathroom. Take a duster which has a long handle and start dusting your whole bathroom. Clean each and every corner of your bathroom and check if there are any cobwebs around the light fixtures or in the vents. If you find any clean it off with your duster. If you are not able to reach any cobwebs then take a ladder and climb on it and then clean your bathroom in a perfect manner. After you are done with dusting, seep the floor and collect any debris which you find on the floor for cleaning your bathroom. You can also use vacuum to clean your bathroom.

  • Use cleaner on bath tub and shower

Take an all-purpose cleaner and apply it on shower and bath tub and clean them. If the buildup of dirt is very extreme then you can use an acid based cleaner for cleaning your shower and bathe tub.

  • Cover other surfaces

Take a damp cloth and sponge. Spray an all-purpose cleaner on each and every part of the bathroom and wipe it off by using sponge or damp cloth. Also include any towel rack, doors, handles, baseboards, blinds, shelves, windowsills and such other parts to clean while cleaning your bathroom. These are the things which you use on daily basis and hence them becomes an pre requisite.

  • Clean the toilet

Cleaning the toilet while cleaning your bathroom is by far one of the most disliked part but still it is very important to clean for maintain good hygiene and germs free atmosphere.

How to make your bathroom eco-friendly?

eco-friendly bathroom, bathroomThe increasing rate of global warming these is highly alarming which has made the environmentalists sloganing hugely for eco-friendly activities. The post below discusses how to come up with a green bathroom that can reduce the carbon footprints.

First of all, you can start with eco-friendly energy efficient lighting. The suggestion is to go for the fluorescent bulbs rather than the usual incandescent option as fluorescent lighting is 90 percent more energy efficient in comparison to the other option. Then, it’s also advised to count on the ceramic tiles for your bathroom floor and walls as ceramic is an eco-friendly material.

Another option would be to invest on air shower which would be fixed with the existing showerhead. This new showerhead will pump heavy droplets of water- as the droplets would be bigger, there would be no compromise on the water requirement and the user would be able to bath without drawing in too much of water.

Child proofing your bathroom

Child proof bathroom, bathroom careIf you have a child in your home, you would have to take care of a lot of things you need to take care of in order to ensure safety of your child. Starting room the kitchen to the bedroom, dining room and especially the bathroom, you must make sure that every part of your house is child proofed. This means that you have to keep accidental items away from the child’s reach. Always remember to put the lid of the toilet seat down when you’re done.

Keep all sharp items like razors away in cabinets. Keep lower drawers and cabinets locked and keep the keys away from the child’s reach. Also you must keep all medications and cosmetics away as well. Keep the bathroom clean and use anti-septic solution to wash the bathroom as well. Make sure you also use a dustbin which has a lid which the child cannot open as children have a habit of putting things in their mouth.

5 Steps to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Bathroom Renovation, bathroom spaYour bathroom is a place where you can feel relaxed and freshen up after a long day’s work. But a dull and dingy bathroom can never make anyone feel better. The key is to try something new and exciting. With these few steps, you can now turn your bathroom into a spa. First of all, you should get the colors right. Make sure the bathroom has soothing but interesting colored walls. Don’t go for dark colors as that would make it look smaller.

Use the lighting well. One bright light over the vanity cabinet and the back of the bathroom should be enough. For the rest, go for light and soothing lighting. Dim lighting is best for spas. Have a bathtub with a raised side which you can decorate with aromatic candles. Aroma is another important thing. Herbs, potpourri, incense and candles are the best choices. Make sure you have an exhaust fan to keep the bathroom dry and fresh at all times.

Turn your bathroom into a spa with the right accessories

Bathroom spa, bathroom decorSince your bathroom is the place where you relax and put yourself at ease, it will be really great if you can transform it into a spa. You might think that turning a bathroom into a spa is difficult, but with the right kinds of accessories it will be fairly easy.

One of the key accessories needed for turning a bathroom into a spa is light fixtures. To get that perfect spa aura, you must opt for dimmer light fixtures. This will added to the relax atmosphere. Another accessory required is the right kind of rugs. Make sure that you get some really elegant sculptured micro fiber rugs for the floor of your bathroom turned spa. No spa is complete without scented candles and you must get them for the bath tub and counter. In between the candles, you can keep some aromatic flowers. Get some soft, cotton towels for your spa along with scented oils, soaps and bath salts.

Learn to keep your bathroom mould free

Moulds are one of the partners in your home during the winter season. Some of the moulds can really be dangerous for your health. These moulds grow up with the help of the moisture in your home walls. So, it is necessary for you to keep a check on your walls being damp.

These moulds come in from the small openings in the window or doors and make a home where ever they can. So to keep them away all you need is to keep a check on the moisture in your home and also keep a look over your storage spaces.

These are the two main areas where moulds can be found so keeping a check over them will surely help. Heating the house is another option too. So with these few steps you can keep your home safe and away from moulds and diseases. Thus you will always stay happy and fit.

5 Things Your Bathroom is trying to tell you

The modern as well as the traditional bathrooms are important places in our homes. They help to keep ourselves clean by removing all dirt’s and wastes. It can even help us relax after a hard days work. Since the bathrooms are such important aspects of our lives we need to take care of them at every given opportunity. A serious attention must be given to maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. All bathrooms have the uncanny habit of expressing their despair but you need to understand them and act accordingly.

• If it so happens that you can’t view your own self in the bathroom mirror, that is an indication that the mirror needs cleaning.
• If your shower is taking a lot of time to get heated up, then it means the water heater is working over time. So look into the matter.
• Are you getting cold shower every day? Then the bathrooms id will tell you to replace your heater immediately.
• If there is a leak in the pipe line then the bathroom is demanding an instant repair.
• Do you have to go to other place for shaving or drying? Then the bathroom may be suggesting installing an outlet. So consult an electrician.

Seattle Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation

Bathroom is an important part of your house, so taking food care of it is extremely essential. Remodeling is a popular choice among homeowners when they are looking to sell off their house. Even if you are not contemplating such ideas, it is important to remember that remodeling can help you put at an advantageous position if you plan to sell the house sometime in future. Home bathrooms suffer a lot of wear and tear through out the day because of the extensive use, so it is mandatory to take good care of the same.

• Wall tiles and floor tiles are an important ingredient for your bathroom structure. In order to make your bathroom look good always go for colourful and attractive tiles with decorated borders.
• Before laying the tiles, it is advisable that you consider the prospect of heated floor. It will surely be appreciated by all and sundry.
• Look to relocate the toilet structure and it can give your bathroom a all new look.
• Look to use bright lights. A light in bathroom is essential. Apart from lighting up the surrounding it can cause optical illusion too, thus making a small bathroom look spacious.

Ideas for a Safer Bathroom

Now if a safe bathroom is extremely vital in order to avoid any unprecedented incidents like falling over and getting badly bruised. If you have elderly and aged parents, then it is extremely important to keep in mind that the safely measures must be properly taken care of. There are ways and meads to prevent the uncouth experience from taking place. You just need to be pro active and the result will follow.

• Lamps are important aspects in any bathroom. So get one right away
• A vertical rod or bars can come in handy and can prevent you from slipping.
• Hair oils, moisturizers or other oil-based soaps can be the factor for the people to slip and fall. So replace them and put them in a cabinet.
• In case of a smooth shiny tiled floor, which is too expensive and difficult to replace, it is advisable that you go for rubber mats that doesn’t allow you to slip and fall.

The Best Tile for Bathroom Floors

Bathrooms today are becoming ideal places for relaxation. Bathroom flooring is a place to start from when you want to give it a new look. In this respect, having the best tiles is very important. Tiles are able to withstand water hence making them an ideal option for bathrooms.

There are different kinds of material available for the tiles. Among these is glass, brass and even marble. Ceramic tiles have however come out as the most preferred by many people. This is because they have been carefully fired and also come in different types such as the galvanized kind. It is also easy to clean and given these hard economic times, they are quite affordable.

There is also the porcelain type of tile. This kind of tile has a higher advantage as compared to the ceramic tiles. This is due to the fact that they are fired under extremely high temperatures than that of the ceramic. This makes them more durable and more resistant to water.