5 Tips To Clean Your Bathroom

Bathroom cleaningWhich part of your home is such which you like to clean the least? I bet you will say bathroom. Bathroom is such a place which is used the most has so many things in it to clean like faucets, bath tub, shower, door and many such parts. Cleaning your bathroom might feel like boredom and stressful, but it is very very essential to clean your bathroom and keep it hygienic. You must remove any build up on the floor while cleaning your bathroom as it will make your floor slippery and dirty and you might not like to even take a bath over there. Here are some of the essential tips to clean your bathroom.

  • Remove all the items from their usual spot

If you want to clean your bathroom most efficiently then remove each and every item from their usual place then start with the task of cleaning your bathroom. Take out all the towels, shower cap, soap case, body wash, and every single thing which you see in your bathroom. By doing this you will be able to clean your bathroom in a better way. If you find any trash cans then throw it off and if there any used rugs then put it into wash.

  • Dust and sweep

When you make your bathroom empty the next step is dusting it. For cleaning your bathroom, you must take out every single dust you find in your bathroom. Take a duster which has a long handle and start dusting your whole bathroom. Clean each and every corner of your bathroom and check if there are any cobwebs around the light fixtures or in the vents. If you find any clean it off with your duster. If you are not able to reach any cobwebs then take a ladder and climb on it and then clean your bathroom in a perfect manner. After you are done with dusting, seep the floor and collect any debris which you find on the floor for cleaning your bathroom. You can also use vacuum to clean your bathroom.

  • Use cleaner on bath tub and shower

Take an all-purpose cleaner and apply it on shower and bath tub and clean them. If the buildup of dirt is very extreme then you can use an acid based cleaner for cleaning your shower and bathe tub.

  • Cover other surfaces

Take a damp cloth and sponge. Spray an all-purpose cleaner on each and every part of the bathroom and wipe it off by using sponge or damp cloth. Also include any towel rack, doors, handles, baseboards, blinds, shelves, windowsills and such other parts to clean while cleaning your bathroom. These are the things which you use on daily basis and hence them becomes an pre requisite.

  • Clean the toilet

Cleaning the toilet while cleaning your bathroom is by far one of the most disliked part but still it is very important to clean for maintain good hygiene and germs free atmosphere.

Pros and Cons of Dutch Hip Roof Style

Dutch hip roofRoofing, a seriously important part of your house for which you will not at all like to take chances. You will definitely research the types their good points along with their drawbacks and then compare all and come to the conclusion. Roof decides the overall look out of your home exterior. In these options you also got one more option that’s of Dutch hip roof which is also known as gablet. This gablet is the triangular portion at the top of the roof. This design is not very much common in these times but that’s the reason you might like to opt for it. It is something very unique and new. Here are some of the pros and cons of it.


  • Shape

It might amaze you that the Dutch hip roof has four sides and all that sided sides and thus it is very useful for removal of snow and rain water. Dutch hip roofs are notable for its practicality and solid designing. These roofs are most probably used on ranch homes and cottages. It is very resistant to areas pertaining high winds, hurricanes and tornadoes. These roofing are tend to withstand these types of situations and damages.

  • Shading

Dutch hip roofs are designed in such a manner that it includes eaves on all sides.  It is very important as it protects walls from harsh weather and also rain and snow. These eaves are also helpful as it provides shading over window which helps keeping home cooler in summer. As this shading reduces heat, it decreases the need of air conditioning. This type of roofing helps saving other energy costs also. Thus Dutch hip roofing style helps saving cost, reduces heat and provides good ventilation and air circulation.


  • Size

Along with benefits Dutch hip roof also pertain some drawbacks. One of them is its size. This styling eradicates the attic space in your home. Usually we think of using the attic space for storage or even we use it as extra bedroom for our home.  For this purpose, a gabled roof is more preferable. The sloped sides results in giving less head space for walking around. It usually gives a more cave like feeling. Dutch hip roof style also makes roof and ceiling cleaning and maintaining a little more difficult and cramped. Thus it reduces the size of the your attic space giving you little bit uncomfortness.

  • Potential problems

We have seen above that Dutch hip roof are shaped in a way to drain out rain water and snow, that means the water will flow off but still it is very much susceptible to leaks. It is more prone to leaks as compared to gambled roofs. Standard hip roofs are not as good ventilated a gabled roofs but the addition of the dormer to the Dutch styling generally compensate this problem. Its size is comparatively more than gable or flat roofs which simply mean that the cost of construction and repairs and all will also be much more.


Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

Metal RoofingMetal roofing from contractors like Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors is very popular among various types of roofing materials available in the market. While deciding metal roofing in your home you need to be aware about its various pros and cons. With availability of lots of options to choose from if you are choosing metal roofing, then you should check out it in detail and should clarify that in spite of having limitations, advantages is overweighing it.


1)      Durability

If you are of a choice of not having repairing or replacement of your roof for over 60 years then metal roofing is the best alternative you have. One of the enlightening features of metal roofing is its durability. Metal roofing is highly durable as compared to other type of roofing like wood or clay tiles. Durability along no cost of repairing is one the factor behind its popularity.

2)      Protection

Roofs are meant for your shelter. It is designed to protect you and your home from severe situations. Metal roofing is considered to be strong and ideal as it can survive with brutal weather changes. It holds the capacity to endure winds that that gust up to 140 miles per hour. Thus durability is very important and here you don’t have to worry even about damage. Metal roof is able to handle every season’s contingencies starting from rain and wind to hail and snow, metal roof can protect from all.

3)      Better for the environment

Go eco friendly by using metal roofing. Metal is such a material which can be easily recycled and reused. Thus if you want to change your roofing, old metal can be recycled leaving less waste and beneficial to the environment. If you are of the opinion that less amount of chemicals should be used in your house then metal roofing is the best option. You do a step forward by helping environment with eco friendly metal roofing.

4)      Little Maintenance

If you want such a roof that requires less maintenance, you don’t have anything better than metal roofing. Features of metal roofing involve durability, long lasting and protective. With this astounding feature, metal roof can easily last for 50 to 60 years with a little maintenance or you can also say no maintenance cost.


1)     Cost

As metal roof avails you such facilities of little or nil maintenance cost, they tend to be more expensive in comparison of other roofing options. Metal roofing is perfect for those who don’t mind investing more in their property. But if you are cost conscious for your roof, you better be aware that metal roofing is really an expensive one.

2)      Noise

One of the draw back in installing metal roofing is that of noise. Some of the metal roofing can be pretty much noisy at the time of severe storms based on the type of metal used and the amount of insulation placed. It would prove to be really awful to opt for metal roofing if your home is not properly insulated.

3)      Scratching

It would not be advisable to go with metal roofing if you stay in an area with heavy hail storms, because metal roofs are proved to be scratched or dent easily.