Don’t do this to your home while remodeling

home remodelingIf you are considering remodeling your home then there are many things you need to be mindful about. Some things that you shouldn’t do regarding the remodeling project are given below :

• Firstly, you should make all the decision regarding the project before the start of the remodeling process. If you’re working with a builder then the builder will let you know about the different parts of the building process where you’ll need to make a decision, whether you’re going to do it or not. Usually this doesn’t take much time but certain things like choosing the paint colour, deciding which faucet and trim you will install may take time which can delay the project.

• You should not change your decision too many times. It is very likely that you will change your decision about a few things after the start of the project but you should keep in mind that every time you change your decision about something it can potentially cost a little more but also it might affect the schedule of the project. It is also very important that you let everyone associated with the project know about any change in decision.

• It is a good idea to let your builder buy the things you’ll need I the project because there is a chance that he’ll be able to get that item at a lower price than you.

• You should keep it in mind that sometimes it is best to knock down a house rather than investing a lot of money to make it look better. Oftentimes people invest a lot of money into making a house look better or installing new things irrespective of the fact that the house isn’t in a good shape at all. You should always ask your builder about their opinions or suggestions regarding the project.

• Apart from the overall budget you’ve set, you should keep some money at hand which you will be able to invest in the project if need be. It is very likely that the budget you’ve set for the project beforehand will be lesser than the cost estimate for the project that your builder will give you. The project will take a lot less extra money if you make timely decisions and if you are working with a good builder.

• A very important thing which you must keep in mind is that you should avoid letting your little ones and your pets get near the construction site. The builders who will work on the project will generally try to work with your kids or your pet around but you shouldn’t let them come near there because it is not actually a safe place for your kids or your pets to be around.

• You should avoid staying in your home while it is being remodeled. Many disregard this point because the remodeling project itself takes a lot of money and to live somewhere else for a few days will require some money as well. If you can’t move out then you should try to stay away from home when the builders are working.

• When the builders are working, you shouldn’t talk to them unless it is something about the project.

The Smell That Can Change Your Dream

fresh bedroom smellA fresh fragrant bedroom is the ultimate zone of relaxation after a long tiring day. Your bedroom is like your haven in the home which demands a perfect inviting ambience so that you can have a healthy rest & sleep. There are a number of ways how you can achieve a beautiful aromatic bedroom.

First of all, you must be careful about cleanliness. The basic key to a nice fragrant bedroom is the elimination of bad odor which is caused from a dirty environ. Thus, you have to be really careful about a regular dusting and cleaning routine in the room. Use vacuum cleaner to reach out to the hard-to-reach corners so that you can assure a complete dirt-free ambience. Make sure to follow a timely cleanup routine with your bedding accessories and curtains.

Adding a dash of green in the room will definitely freshen up the entire atmosphere. Potted indoor plants are not only soothing to the eye but also work as amazing air purifiers. Then, you must make sure to keep your windows open to guarantee a steady flow of natural air & sunlight. Use baking soda on the floor as it works to kill off bad odor. Then, you have to apply vinegar on bedroom walls to neutralize the dirt and bad odor trapped there. Mix 1/4th cup vinegar with 2 quarts water & clean the walls with it.
Air fresheners are a great help when it comes to freshen up the rooms and ensure a nice fragrant ambience. You can use room sprays as well. Why not make your own room spray? Fill up your spray-bottle with 4oz water your preferred essential oil (10-15 drops). Lavender will be a great choice given its wonderful calming properties while you can also try out citrus oils such as grapefruit, wild orange, tangerine & lemon.

Then, you have the aromatic candles which assure a steady flow of great scents that really help to soothe the mind. You will find these candles in various themes say bakery (cookies, coffee, chocolate) or fruity (strawberry, peach, cherries, watermelon etc.). The scented candles are not relaxing but are extremely romantic as well.

A great trick for a nice smelling bedroom is to dab some vanilla extract right on your light bulbs while these are switched off. As the lights are switched on, your bulbs will heat up diffusing the delicious smell all through the room.

Finally, potpourris make great recipes for a fresh fragrant bedroom.

A nice smelling bedroom is your gateway to a good night’s sleep and a calm happy dream. The experts always advise to relax in an aromatic fresh ambience that works to liven up the mood and positive energy. A clean fragrant room rejuvenates the mind, eliminating all your worries and tension, enabling you to take a refreshed approach to everything. According to psychologists, a relaxed mind is the key to success, innovation and positivity. If you are in control of your positive spirits you are ever-ready to take charge of anything, even the world!

Five DIY Tips On Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen MakeoverYour kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms in your home to remodel. All the granite, tiles and appliances add up to usually much more than your budget. However, if your cabinets are working properly but do not look good and even the appliances are moderately working then you can make simple changes. The simple changes can also change the look of your kitchen and bring out the best modern view of it.

Paint: The most common and easy way of changing the look and appearance of your kitchen or any space is to paint it. It is also the cheapest way out. Coloring it with neutral colors is always the safest option. All accessories like curtains and appliances suit the background of light shades that are common. They also proof beneficial if you plan to move out in the future.
Cabinets: There are few different ways in which you can change the look of your cabinet without going over-budget.

Change the look – you can use pre-made cabinet doors if the base of your cabinet is in reasonably good condition. You can also paint the cabinets.

The dark side – if you do not like the of painting your cabinet doors and the wood of the cabinet is in good shape you can consider staining as an option. Before staining it is important to sand and strip the wood. Though sanding consumes a lot of time but the professional look you get as a result is worth that time. Dark colors such as cherry and teak are good options for staining.

Open them up – you could completely take off the doors of the top cabinets after painting to give it a different open look.
Add new hardware – instead of doing the remodeling of the entire kitchen you can just change a few fittings and parts to make it appear new. Changing the knobs with some new stylish ones are a great option to work in budget. Adding updated hardwares can always do wonders for the look of the kitchen.

Appliances: Buying new appliances are very expensive and not possible always. If the appliance that you own is in a good working condition you could just do modifications in them and make it look new. If you are scared of painting or adding new fixtures in them by yourself you can go to any nearby store or automobile paint shop to get it painted and made as per your choice. This is a cost-effective way and costs much less than a new one.

Counter-tops: At most home improvement stores ready counter-tops are available in standard sizes. They are pre cut and all you need to do is to get them and install them wherever needed. If there is no boundation of color and style, you also get them at discounted prices during stock clearance.

Floor: There are many new styles that have come up. Wooden flooring is very expensive and so the new press and stick vinyl tiles have been introduced. They are not only easy to install but also look high-end. So, try the new style which looks surprisingly beautiful.

Latex pillow vs. Feature pillow

Latex pillowPillows are required being a source of comfort. Pillows are also required in office along with the homes. But all pillows that are available in the market are not of the superior quality. If you do not want various pains in your neck and body then you must choose the one which is the most comfortable. They are either make of latex or of feather.

Latex is usually used for the production of paints but when it is used to make the pillows then it makes one which is much durable and different from other standard types.

The benefit that latex pillows provide is their capability to adjust to the curve of the body so as to adjust with perfect comfort. This is not so with the regular pillows. The latex pillow also provides many health benefits. It is not only strong but also can be utilized to accommodate cotton and feather which are the two best materials to use for pillow. People who are aware to these materials can get relief from allergic reactions as latex is used as an encasement for cotton and feather.

The regular pillows which are needed to be put inside the washing machine to get cleaned is more time consuming as the pillow made from latex are only required to be dry washed or sprayed with sterilizer. The regular pillows take time to dry up while this is not so in case of latex pillows.

5 Beautiful Curtain Patterns

Curtain PatternsSince there are windows in almost every room in the house the curtains get a high priority. They add a different style to the room and also define the decoration of the house. There are many beautiful curtain patterns in the market nowadays. Some of the best patterns are given below:

• Floor length curtains- they are fabric curtains which generally touches the floor or the excess material drapes on it. They are normally used in big room and they bring out the decadence and luxury of that room. In order to hang this type of curtain you would not need long windows. The curtain itself makes the window look longer than usual.
• Bright colors- this type of curtain is best for rooms which have minimalistic interiors. This is a recent trend in the curtain patterns which involves neutral colors but there are times when you can use bright colors as well. The neutral colors themselves are bright enough and therefore needs no other brighter colors. Suppose if the color of the wall is white then red or light pink will be the perfect for the room.
• Net curtains- although they are a traditional pattern but it is really beautiful when one sees it. They are mainly plain and white in color and the material is like a net. It allows you to see the outside but the people from outside would not be able to see what is inside.
• Kids curtains- they are found in several colors and with different designs. To ensure that the kids have fun with these curtains it has graphics of animals and cartoons imprinted on them.
• Storage curtains- they are basically used as cupboard doors. Some cupboards have no doors and storage curtains are used as replacements. Matching with the color of the cupboard or using contrasting colors can look beautiful.

5 ways to bring good luck to your house

feng shui at homeLooking to change fortunes and attract some good luck towards you? Well, look no further than the Chinese art of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an art that has been practised for years and can help you attract good luck to your house and life.

Feng Shui is the art of placing objects in a certain way and position that attracts loads of positive energy into your living environment and subsequently into your life. Chinese people believe that all that gets attracted into your life depends on the “chi”, i.e. the energy that surrounds you in your environment. This includes all aspects of life – health, wealth, relationships, love, happiness and good luck.

In Feng Shui there are principles which determine the arrangement of interior and exterior of your house so that extra luck gets attracted to your home.

• Keep your house sparkling clean so that the living environment is clean and healthy too.
• Clean all the clutter from your house. To attract fortune and good luck to your house the “chi” must be allowed to freely flow around your living environment. All old or unwanted clothes or books or unused items should be given away to charity.
• Placing Chinese gold coins on a red ribbon will help you attract good fortune into your house and money into your life.
• Put a healthy pot plant that has shiny round green leaves growing on it. This attracts positive “chi” into your home environment.
• Clean out your wallet and other bags that are used regularly. Remove all the old dockets and unnecessary items from them. Replace the wallet as soon as it gets very old shabby.

These are five basic and most simple Feng Shui techniques which can help you to get all the negative energy away from you and your house and fill it with positive energy and good luck.

How to Clean the Garage Floor

Clean the Garage FloorYou may have to spend a lot of time looking for a place to park your car. You must be longing to have a garage. Or most of you might have one. But the maintenance of the garage is also very important to keep you house well maintained on all fronts. The cleaning task basically depends on the nature of the floor. There is no doubt that sealed floors are easier to clean and also give you a very stable and hard surface that can last for a very long time. So you should get your garage floor sealed but before that the concrete must be cleaned thoroughly so that satins are not trapped in it.

Different types of mess require different kind of attention when it comes to cleaning process. You must be very careful with vehicle messes. They can be corrosive and can have hazardous environmental issues. Some of the cleaning stuffs give out fumes. It is very essential to keep the wind and debris out of the garage during the cleaning process, as they can make a small spill to spread over a large space.

Water can be very helpful in cleaning up the mess in the kitchen but it of no help in case of an oil spill. The sand that is absorbent will do the work. But you need to find out the right cleaning agent to clear out the stains. Powder solvents are easily available for such purposes. These stains must be soaked in the agents for a span of time so that it gets separated from the garage floor. Sometimes over usage of the cleaning agent can also destroy the flooring. Cracks in the concrete must be taken care of in order to avoid corrosion. Buffing must be done after the stain is removed to make the floor look shiny and new.

Painting Ideas

Painting IdeasToday people want to make big renovation changes within their budget. It has to be done without affecting the savings that one has done for the later ages of their lives. But this is not very difficult to do. The very first renovation tip that can be taken care of is the paint. The changes that can be brought about in a room by merely changing the paint are really amazing. Paint can make the room look bigger in size, much brighter and attractive. This can easily be done in a cost effective manner by saving on the labor charges if you decide to pick up the paint brush yourself.

One of the best ways is to invest in oil painting. It is of the quality that never fades and once applied its value goes on increasing with time. Though it costs slightly more than the regular paint but it guarantees long lasting shine that will not fade easily with time. It is very vibrant and attractive and it will not fail to grab the attention of your guests. It is favorable for most wooden furniture, for some interior surfaces because it can flow equally on a large area and can keep them long lasting and mold free. Other than these latex paints are very much in use now days.

Water based paints are also available in huge varieties. They dry quickly as compared to other painting materials. You can make your room brighter by using colors like pink, green, off-white that can reflect the lights and makes your room more airy and spacious. They are very soothing and gives your house a sophisticated look. You should create a balanced atmosphere and not overdo the paint. They should be in harmony with the furniture that you have.

Cabinets for your kitchen

Cabinets for your kitchenWhen you do up the décor of your new kitchen, you will have to lay special emphasis on the cabinets. It goes without saying that cabinets has tremendous functional value in a kitchen but it cannot be denied that they have decorative value as well and up the style quotient of your kitchen décor. So, it is very important that when you decorate the kitchen, you determine the cabinets that will work the best for you. For this, you will have to take into consideration the size of your kitchen and all the activities that are likely to taken place in it. The right kitchen cabinets will add value to your kitchen and will also add value to your home. Here are a few types of kitchen cabinets that you can consider.

Firstly, there are the basic cabinets which come in the frameless and face framed styles. The face framed cabinets usually have a wooden frame outside the cabinet box and is conventional in its appearance. On the other hand, the frameless cabinets come without the outer frame and have a very modern look. Also, there are trendy kitchen cabinets come with doors and they either have glass inserts or are solid. The glass insert door cabinets come with strained, clear or frosted glass.

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets have also become extremely popular off late and a lot of homeowners are opting for them. One of the biggest advantages of these cabinets is they do not need to be repainted or refaced. They are extremely durable and you can install them without seeking professional assistance. All you will have to do is screw the cabinets into the walls.

If budget is a constraint for you then you can opt for the stock cabinets and if you want to go all out then custom kitchen cabinets are the best option.

Dining Table: Selecting The Right One

Dining TableDining room would remain incomplete if there is no dining table in it. Today dining tables are available in different kinds of sizes and shapes. Selecting the right kind of dining table is extremely essential; otherwise the dining room will not be useful to you and your activities at all. While choosing the table you have to keep in mind the following: price, functionality, size and style.

Firstly the dining table you buy must compliment the overall decor of your dining room. If there is a mismatch between the decor of the dining room and the table then the room will not look good at all. The size of your dining room has to be kept in mind while you are purchasing the dining table. A large dining table in a small dining room will occupy lots of space and overshadow the entire room. Whereas a small dining table will look quiet weird in a big dining room.

It is your responsibility to exercise your own judgement and select a dining table you like. You must give priority to your personal choice while purchasing the dining table. Shop dining tables from local furniture stores or the online furniture stores as both of these offer a variety of dining tables.

Nowadays different shapes of dining tables are available. If you have used a particular theme in your dining room then you can surely get a dining table to match the theme. You must ensure that you select a dining table that is made out of durable and strong material so that it can last for a long period of time.

Most of the dining tables are very expensive. Thus it is advised that you carry out a proper research before purchasing a particular table for your dining room so that you are able to buy the table at affordable prices.