5 Tips To Clean Your Bathroom

Bathroom cleaningWhich part of your home is such which you like to clean the least? I bet you will say bathroom. Bathroom is such a place which is used the most has so many things in it to clean like faucets, bath tub, shower, door and many such parts. Cleaning your bathroom might feel like boredom and stressful, but it is very very essential to clean your bathroom and keep it hygienic. You must remove any build up on the floor while cleaning your bathroom as it will make your floor slippery and dirty and you might not like to even take a bath over there. Here are some of the essential tips to clean your bathroom.

  • Remove all the items from their usual spot

If you want to clean your bathroom most efficiently then remove each and every item from their usual place then start with the task of cleaning your bathroom. Take out all the towels, shower cap, soap case, body wash, and every single thing which you see in your bathroom. By doing this you will be able to clean your bathroom in a better way. If you find any trash cans then throw it off and if there any used rugs then put it into wash.

  • Dust and sweep

When you make your bathroom empty the next step is dusting it. For cleaning your bathroom, you must take out every single dust you find in your bathroom. Take a duster which has a long handle and start dusting your whole bathroom. Clean each and every corner of your bathroom and check if there are any cobwebs around the light fixtures or in the vents. If you find any clean it off with your duster. If you are not able to reach any cobwebs then take a ladder and climb on it and then clean your bathroom in a perfect manner. After you are done with dusting, seep the floor and collect any debris which you find on the floor for cleaning your bathroom. You can also use vacuum to clean your bathroom.

  • Use cleaner on bath tub and shower

Take an all-purpose cleaner and apply it on shower and bath tub and clean them. If the buildup of dirt is very extreme then you can use an acid based cleaner for cleaning your shower and bathe tub.

  • Cover other surfaces

Take a damp cloth and sponge. Spray an all-purpose cleaner on each and every part of the bathroom and wipe it off by using sponge or damp cloth. Also include any towel rack, doors, handles, baseboards, blinds, shelves, windowsills and such other parts to clean while cleaning your bathroom. These are the things which you use on daily basis and hence them becomes an pre requisite.

  • Clean the toilet

Cleaning the toilet while cleaning your bathroom is by far one of the most disliked part but still it is very important to clean for maintain good hygiene and germs free atmosphere.